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EMBA experienced deans, professors and chief executive of the efforts and contributions, there are seven categories, namely: business management, finance, marketing, funding will, through things, and Shanghai Taiwanese leaders on both sides of a business class is Jing Britain, the best platform for university-industry forum, has accumulated more than about 1200 alumni, alumni are the most valuable network of contacts. Share experiences in the industry, coupled with academic theory professor supplement for play complementary knowledge, experience cross-multiplication effect.

EMBA planning in the future, in addition burdened with heavy responsibilities of the mission, but also to the existing pattern of innovation, alumni and students efforts, we have three years to work through AACSB certification, we are committed to the development of local and Taiwanese case and strengthening university-industry cooperation platform, and innovative curriculum, the introduction of entrepreneurship education model, and multiple knowledge content.


Located in the center of Taiwan, 98% of companies from small and medium enterprises, and some are worth learning companies hidden champions in recent years, we based in Shanghai, the Shanghai Taiwanese squad has trained many well-known companies in charge of these cases are worthy of our enterprise to study and writing, developed into a case study. The future will actively establish university-industry platform to help enterprises solve problems and promote dialogue produced science, industry and academia to achieve a win-win, continue to promote internships. ZTE has nine teachers in the School of Management from Babson college entrepreneurship learning process, in addition to introducing case teaching future will be more actively introduce creative thinking teaching mode to help EMBA face competitive business environment.


ZTE EMBA addition to a 80 professor, and often invited world-renowned scholars, business owners internationally with the latest knowledge and thinking Asian fusion extensive local expertise with a global perspective, but also accumulated the most precious and dense network of contacts We are expecting more business elite to join in on this knowledge platform embraced grow together.


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