Who pays more? MBA vs. EMBA

Choosing between two things are not easy but weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both narrows the problem. Whoever has the more advantage and lesser disadvantage surely is the one to be more considered as the choice. Sometimes it really depend on the condition of the one who has to choose. What will be the effect of the decision to him? Will it help him achieve his goal? Is he willing to spend longer or short time for it? Does he have the resources needed?

In choosing between MBA and EMBA, one has to consider each of their benefits to arrive at the decision. As MBA is generally chosen as those professionals who want to increase their  chance to work for a managerial position that requires intensive knowledge not just on his graduate course but also on other departments. They say MBA programs usually let you earn higher than EMBA and can affect how much you decide to put in personal savings and how much loan to avail. MBA degree has the benefit also of earning though not higher but faster as the time spent on obtaining the degree is shorter.

MBA can be finished within one year or two years if you get it part time. Some programs offer it longer. Getting part time MBA can be finished after four years of study.  A man I know that runs a shopping mall is taking online course right now aiming to work at a top company in the city.