Managers of Top Companies

Many people are being recognized for their contribution in the society in different fields. They are given awards and recognition for their work done. Some do it for charity purposes and others as their work or profession. Let us look at the managers who have contributed for the success of the companies they lead. These are the 10 managers of top companies.


He is an American philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur and the founder and chairman of the leading and biggest online shopping site

JOHN MARTIN, Gilead Sciences

He first became the Vice President for Research and Development for Gilead Sciences before becoming the CEO and since then led the company for two decades.

JOHN CHAMBERS, Cisco Systems

He served for 20 years as a CEO and chairman. He was also named the chairman of the board at some time.

DAVID SIMON, Simon Property Group

Chief executive and chairman of the Simon Property Group for more than 17 years and win the title of the Most Respected CEO’s Award.


He is the chief executive officer and president of Novo Nordisk. He has overseas postings and been in the company for more than 10 years.

HUGH GRANT, Monsanto

He is the CEO and business executive of Monsanto, the biggest seed company.


He is a Canadian American CEO and chairman of Valeant Company.

MARK DONEGAN, Precision Castparts

He led the manufacturing company that surely use autocad since 2002 and is said to use tough tactics to get things done.