Influential People with MBA

It is surprising to know people we know that seems normal or ordinary to later know that they have received higher studies not just in local universities but in international one that requires more discipline and higher standard. Or knowing celebrities have achieve licenses and expert in some fields of education. Others have surprisingly high levels of I.Q. Who are the influential people who have MBA degrees? Many people just stop studying after graduating with a degree.

Surely it has many advantages like higher salary and most of private companies today have higher qualification to an employee like teaching at a university requires an MBA.

Now let’s see some influential people with MBA.

Shaquille O’Neal
he has a successful career in basketball and earning very well but he understood the value of education and he has taken steps to further his studies achieving his MBA in the University of Phoenix. He continued to have a doctoral degree from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida in 2012.

Lisa Leslie
she is an American professional basketball player. She’s a successful player earning many titles including two-time WNBA champion, four-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time WNBA MVP. Even though she’s very much successful as an athlete she still earned her MBA in the University of Phoenix through online education program.

George W. Bush

He is said to be the first American president having a MBA from Harvard School of Law.
This educational achievement of the former president sets a good example for young adults that they can achieve their future to great one.