What First Year EMBA Students Have To Say About the Course

To wrap up the first year, a group of students in the University of Texas at Austin’s Executive MBA Class 2016 participated in an informal, student-run, voluntary survey on their first year experiences.

We hope this survey helps future EMBAs and other prospective students learn more about life as an EMBA student.

There’s a lot of learning during the first year. What did 2016 EMBAs find most educational?

30% of students do case studies and discussion in their first year. 5% do studying for and taking quizzes and tests. 5% work in a study group. 14% do seminar and classes and activities.


While majority just do general class discussions at 46%.

An EMBA is all about interacting with your teachers and classmates about prospective real life situations in business from an executive’s perspective. It’s all about learning how to deal with different kinds of situations in the world of business, especially in one’s own company.

Since most EMBA takers are sponsored by their companies, they can apply what they learned directly to where they are working.


65% of respondents used iPads as their go-to tablet of choice for school this year. An iPad is really convenient when it comes to learning. If you take marketing courses such as online business, cyber promotion, search engine optimization, and social media advertising, then Pad products is the “must go” to monitor your campaign. You can also make use of apps to assist you in your learning.

27% or nearly a third of respondents earned either a promotion or new job in their first year of the EMBA program.

46% of respondents spent 10-20 hours per week on studying and homework on their first year.

So, there you have it, information on how first years deal with their EMBAs.