Top Three Business Schools in Asia

There are many business schools in Asia that locals and foreigners can enrol and study. Many persons want to take further their studies not settling on degrees. They want to expand more their knowledge and experiences that’s why even though there are schools in their respected countries they choose to study abroad. Some don’t have in their own countries so they go abroad and study there. Business schools have made their impact on society by producing many professionals that are successful in their own expertise not just locally but internationally.

INSEAD, Singapore

INSEAD has three business school campuses located in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore), and Middle East (Abu Dhabi). It was established in 1957 and its Singapore campus has expanded and improved in size and amenities. It houses eight amphitheatres, library, fitness and bookshop.

It is one of the biggest and major graduate business school in the world. It unifies and broaden student’s perspective as they come from different countries, ideas, and cultures that they can transform and change lives. It promotes diverse and multicultural community.


National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School

It is a leading school in the world. A close community that provides graduate and undergraduate programs combining west and east models to produce quality leaders. This school is constantly rated as one belonging to the top.

HKUST Business School, Hong Kong

Described as a world-class School that mold leaders to lead the world by high standard research, innovative teaching and flexible curriculum since it opened in 1991. they have 易力管 or flexible program.

These are three leading business schools in Asia.